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Christmas Loans: X-mas Payday Loans For Bad Credit History

Christmas Payday Loans For Bad Credit History

Christmas is a splendid time of year, for those who can afford it. For those who can’t, they’ll be in search of a Christmas loan, a short term Christmas payday loan to get them through until their payday. As most people get paid a little earlier in December, to accommodate the fact that Christmas is a special month and people need to get organised, they get chance to sort out their gifts and pay their bills, but it also means the next pay day for most people is longer away, in some cases people don’t get paid again until the end of January. When you combine this with the fact that the average family has higher out goings during the festive period, it leaves many people needing a small payday loan to get by.

Borrowing money is never ideal because when you borrow money it has additional interest added to the balance, and because, in the case of a payday loans, it’s a short term loan it has a higher loan set up fee and overall cost as a result. So you must ensure you pay it back on the due date.

Christmas payday loans are primarily designed to cater for people with bad credit history, be it missed loan repayments, defaults on old debts or ccj’s. In order to apply for a Christmas payday loan you need to be 18 years or older, have a bank account with a UK bank, and be in receipt of a salary or benefits, disability benefits, tax credits or job seekers allowance.

Christmas payday loans are short term, high interest cash loans that generally span 30 days, just as a traditional payday loans. They can last two months or even three, but this isn’t advised due to the high interest nature. For those who need to borrow for longer, they are an expensive option.

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Fun Festive Fact

US scientists calculated that Santa would have to visit 822 homes a second to deliver all the world’s presents on Christmas Eve, travelling at 650 miles a second.

What is a payday loan?

It’s a short term loan, also known as: cash advance. Short term high interest loan. Wage / salary loan. These loans are primarily used in emergencies, such as your car breaking down a few days before payday, or in this case making sure you can pay for Christmas.

Loan Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a Christmas cash advance, you must be aged 18 or over, have a UK bank account and be in receipt of benefits or wages from part time or full time work.

We Understand

Sadly for parents, Saint Nick doesn’t really exist. We understand how stressful Christmas can be when you don’t have the money to pay for it all. Enquire for your loan today.

I get paid early every Christmas, it’s a nice help but doesn’t take long before you’ve spent maybe more of your wages than you had planned to on your children, this is a great service and helped me get the money i needed to last until my payday, January the 25th!.

– Lisa in Newcastle

I often need to take out payday loans, with increasing energy bills and cold winters i can’t afford to pay for it all as a single parent with young children. I was happy with the service and Olivia was great to deal with. I’d recommend Christmas loans UK.

– Judith in Birmingham

Christmas payday loans are available online and in high street stores. Often easy to obtain for people with bad credit but come with high annual percentage rates. If you take out an Xmas payday loan ensure that you know the actual cost of repaying it and make sure that you leave enough money in your bank account to pay it on its due date to avoid those high bank charges. Ensure that you know not only the cost of it but the situation that would come about if you didn’t pay it back on time or not at all. All lenders should make you aware that this is not for long term borrowing. You can sometimes extend payday loans past the original agreement but this comes with further fees and charges and isn’t advised. Bad credit Christmas loans come in a variety of forms, both short term and long term, so make sure you get the best deal for you. If you have bad credit you may wish to get a no credit check Christmas loan. If you are not working, and therefore need an unemployed Christmas loan, you can still get a payday loan but you will be assessed on your welfare income and any other income as opposed to a weekly or monthly salary.

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