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Christmas Loans No Credit Check

When you have bad credit, you realise very quickly just how suffocating it can be. You get credit checked for most things these days, utility bills, mobile phone contracts, you even get credit checked opening a bank account even if you don’t want to borrow any money. Christmas Loans UK are one of the very few bad credit lenders who don’t run a full credit check when lending money to our customers. If you found this site, the chances are you have impaired credit history or a lack of credit history and it’s been a barrier to you obtaining finance with other companies, but rest assured this has no meaning to us.

We offer two types of loans, Christmas payday loans or small cash loans. Christmas payday loans are short term borrowing. We’ll loan you anything up to £1000 pounds to tide you over until you next get paid, whether thats a week away or a whole month.

If you wish to borrow for longer than one month, giving yourself time to recover from the expense of buying gifts for friends and family, we can loan you anything up to £5000 pounds to be repaid in weekly installments over a period of 12 months, ideal for those who wish to spread the cost of Christmas.

The only requirements we have for those wanting a Christmas Loan with no credit check are, you must be aged 18 or over, have a UK bank account, be in receipt of salary or benefits, such as disability, out of work income such as job seekers. Find more about Christmas loans for people on benefits here. and you must get paid either weekly or monthly so that you can pay your loan off a little each month.

Grab your no credit check loan today and apply for your Christmas loan here.

Christmas Loans UK, because sadly for parents, St Nick doesn’t really exist.

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