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Christmas Loans For Unemployed

Christmas Loans For People Who Are Un-employed or under employed in the UK.

Being unemployed in the Uk today is tough. Despite all the rhetoric, the government still have much to do to ensure that there are jobs for everyone, and to ensure that people who are employed aren’t under employed and taken advantage of with things like zero hour contracts which still haven’t been abolished. Christmas Loans UK is here to help, we can lend money to all those searching for a Christmas Loan For Unemployed people. We can’t just hand out money to just anybody though, sadly, and you must meet certain criteria. To get hold of an unemployed loan you must have income from benefits, pension, any form of income that you receive weekly or monthly. We will use that calculation in our quick assessment on how much we can lend to you.

Not having a job isn’t a barrier to being accepted for a cash loan. According to the office of national statistics there are over 800,000 people claiming out of work benefits in the UK, so you’re not alone in your Christmas loan plight.

All festive loan applicants are treated equally and fairly, bad credit is accepted. Christmas loans for people on benefits are available also, subject to lending criteria.

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Fun Festive Fact

ALTHOUGH now mostly vegetarian, in Victorian times, mince pies were made with beef and spices.

Festive Loans

We help people from all walks of life, bad credit, no credit, payday loans, cash advances, unemployed, people on benefits get money to pay for Christmas.

Loan Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a Christmas cash advance, you must be aged 18 or over, have a UK bank account and be in receipt of benefits or wages from part time or full time work.

We Understand

Sadly for parents, Saint Nick doesn’t really exist. We understand how stressful Christmas can be when you don’t have the money to pay for it all. Enquire for your loan today.

Being out of work at Christmas time sucks because you can’t even afford to buy cheap presents from pound land. It was nice to find a company that treats unemployed people with some respect.

– Shaniqua in Liverpool

Desperately needed a new washing machine, didn’t have the receipt for my old one it packed up. I have a job offer in place wasn’t unemployed for very long but was nice to be able to take out a loan for such an emergency.

– Leroy in Liverpool

Christmas loans for unemployed facts. A person is classed as unemployed if actively looking for work and available to start a new job within a fortnight. Unemployment figures are maintained by the office of national statistics. They also publish out of work benefit claimants with date they receive from the department for work and pensions. The unemployment figure is a lot higher than that of those claiming job seekers allowance, not everybody is entitled to claim and most just don’t claim it. At the end of 2007 there were nearly 3 million people unemployed in the UK.

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