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Bad Credit Christmas Loans

Christmas Loans For People With Bad Credit History

Christmas loans uk help people like you pay for Christmas. Ordinarily its a great time of year, but for people with bad credit history, it can be a difficult, even arduous time of year. Christmas time isn’t cheap, for those with adverse credit history, low credit scores, missed payments for things like credit cards and utility bills showing on their credit report, defaults for not sticking to loan agreements or County Court Judgments for not coming to an agreement with the creditor to repay the outstanding monies, it can be even more expensive. People with bad credit history can’t get zero percent deals on credit, such as credit cards with no interest to pay for 18 months, and then the option of a balance transfer for a small fee with a new balance swap deal. No, those are reserved for people with “good” credit history. You can’t approach your own bank to take out a loan if you have bad credit, some times they don’t even want to give you a bank account.

This is where lenders like us come in. We don’t loan money to people with good files, we loan to people who’ve experienced financial difficulty and want to get back on the straight an narrow. Specialising in Christmas payday loans, bad credit Christmas loans, Christmas loans for people on benefits, Christmas loans for the unemployed, we even have the ability to help people in education with Christmas loans for young and mature students, we’re sure to be able to help you at what would ordinarily be a difficult time of year for you. Pop your details into our Christmas loan application form and let our bad credit experts help you get an impaired credit loan at an affordable weekly or monthly repayment schedule.

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Fun Festive Fact

ROBINS on cards were a joke 150 years ago when postmen wore red tunics and were named after them.

What is Bad Credit?

The word bad isn’t used as much anymore, nowadays they generally say ‘adverse credit’ or ‘impaired’. All mean the same thing of-course, that you’ll struggle to obtain credit approaching traditional lenders such as high street banks or well known online loans companies. In essence it means you are deemed more of a risk to lend money to.

How do you make bad credit better?

As you pay down your debts and as they age, your credit worthiness will improve. It won’t improve drastically, or over night, this is something that can take years, but once it does improve just that little bit you can get hold of loans, admittedly the interest will be higher because of the poor credit risk, but you can use things such as bad credit Christmas loans to show that you’re less of a risk by paying them back on time and in full.

We Understand

We know having bad credit at Christmas time is a hindrance which is why we set this service up. Enquire today and get a quick decision, all you have to do is tell us a little bit about you.

I have bad credit. A messy divorce led to a joint account going delinquent and not being able to pay it all on my own it defaulted. It’s a breath of fresh air that someone looked at me properly rather than a stat on a computer screen and gave me a chance.

– Gemma in Brighton

I was never taught how to manage my finances, 9 store cards and ten thousand pounds debt later i finally learned. I’ve managed over a long time to sort this out and i was looking to rebuild and start again. The small loan Christmas loans UK offered was just what i needed. Only a few more months until i’m finally ‘clean’ again.

– Richard in Birmingham

Poor credit history is often a barrier to being accepted for a loan, which is why people have to pay higher interest rates (Annual percentage rates (APR)). Loans such as payday loans are short term and geared up to take the payment as soon as the salary gets paid into the borrowers bank, creating less risk. You also find, in general, people with bad credit can’t borrow as much money as someone with good history, they aren’t eligible for 50k unsecured loans, they’re often lucky to get 5k unsecured and even then often need a guarantor, someone who can offer reassurance to the lender. Having bad credit is something a lot of people experience in the UK, over the last few years more court judgments have been handed out than ever before. Bad credit isn’t the end, its the beginning of a new chapter in ones finances and can often be a good learning curve. Here at Christmas Loans Uk we treat all applicants equally and do our best to find the right loans suitable for their circumstances and poor credit status.

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